Hudson Food Group is a proud Australian owned family business.

We have supplied and supported the hospitality and food service sector in Australia for over 30 years.

Our vast knowledge has enabled us to manufacture, import, export and distribute throughout Australia leaving our notable footprint nationwide.

Your success is our success. Hudson Pacific strives to provide a streamlined, user-friendly experience to all of our customers, and understand that doing so is the responsibility of everyone from our frontline services to the corner office.

With over 4500 product lines to choose from and the option of next day delivery your pantry should never be empty.

Our vertically integrated business model sets us apart from many of our competitors and enables us to control our value chain to ensure great prices, product variety and security of supply.

We are incredibly grateful to our customers who share our passion for food and have allowed us to support them on their journey.

Allow us to take you on our food odyssey.

Our History

Hudson Pacific has a strong history built over the last 30 years, by combining the talents of Ken Skoullos who started AK Foods and Frank Karkalas who founded Hudson Pacific.


Our business was built on humble beginnings, inspired by the passion of food, the love of family and the ambition to create a purpose driven company surrounded by people who believe that our customers are at the centre of our organisation.


Over the years Hudson Pacific grew to be a force in the Food Service industry branching out into various channels including, developing our own brands, manufacturing, packaging, trading and sourcing products from across the globe.


In January 2020 Ken and Frank retook the reins of the company, proving the phrase “everything old is new again”. With the passion and drive that they had when they first founded their respective businesses, combined with their present-day knowledge/experience, and a freshly assembled team, will ensure that Hudson Pacific is a sustainable force in the industry.